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The Award-Winning Fonzarelli X1 powers ahead of the traffic with effortless acceleration. The striking aerodynamic design with low centre of gravity promises greater control and road awareness in all conditions.


The smooth and silent powertrain has over 5,000,000 kilometres clocked on Australian roads. That means the X1 not only delivers on dynamic athleticism but is one of the most trusted bikes on the road.


With front and rear EBS and adjustable levers, the X1 sports brake system out-performed its peers by 33% in Australian compliance testing making it one of the safest rides in its class.

Max Velocity

Commute to work, or explore the city limits

5 star

Smooth and silent ride with performance brakes

5 million km

One of the most trusted bikes on Australian roads


Make an impact

Instant torque. Silent powertrain. Pure class. The X1 innovative technology delivers instantaneous power while seamlessly cutting through the urban landscape with its distinctive design.


The streamlined Fonzarelli X1 powertrain delivers up to 13kW from its rear wheel motor optimising power and efficiency.


Effortlessly slice through peak traffic. With the Forza Performance Kit, front and rear sports shocks, mono swing arm and performance brakes, the X1 is in a class of its own.


unparalleled and powerful acceleration. From 0 to 50 in 4.6s

Rear wheel

Rear wheel drive, instantly controls traction and torque


Stay ahead of the curve in Forza supercharge mode


Plug in anywhere

It’s as easy as, plug in, power up. Recharge conveniently from your home to your office, and anywhere in between with the X1 portable powerpack.  Plus, the Fonz regenerative braking system supplies energy back to your powerpack to increase riding range.

Plug in, Power up

Simple. Convenient. The X1 has a range of charging options from mini charger overnight, to the quick and powerful premium charger.

Simply recharge

With 80 kilometres on a single charge, the X1 provides you with pure rider freedom. Plus, enjoy charged and ready devices with USB connectivity.


Returns kinetic energy to your PowerPack

1 hour

In just 1 hour, charge your X1 up to 60 - 80%

$1 / week

All you'll spend to travel 100kms


Street credibility

2019 Automotive Product Design Award Winner Handcrafted mono-swing arm with high torque rear wheel drive motor. The Australian crafted Fonzarelli X1 combines simplistic elegance with sports performance.

Finer details

The streamlined body and sports features puts the X1 in a class of its own. It comes with a range of grip, saddle trim and colour combinations to personalise your two-wheeled ride.


Less moving parts mean less maintenance, less service and a tick for the environment


Each X1 is hand built in Redfern, every detail tailored to you.


Signature style. Bespoke trims from Mahogany to Indian Pony saddle and grips

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The X1 unleashes on performance, design and advanced technology so you can enjoy the pleasure of a smooth and silent ride. Get ready for the lightest, most agile bike in its class.

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