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Established in 2010, Team FONZ design, build, sell and ride electrifying two wheel machines for the future of mobility. Multi-Award Winning Automotive Product Designers. 3 on-market models. Over 6 million on-road electrified kilometres. And that’s just the beginning.

Who we are

Our Story
The FONZ dream began in 2010, and since launching our first models in 2014, we have developed distinctive designs and ground breaking technology powered by our passion.

FONZ bikes have covered over 6 million electrified kilometres over Australian roads and we have designed and built the world's fastest production short wheelbase moto.  

We believe in effortless style, high performance and emission-free riding.

We build state-of-the-art zero emission bikes using innovation, efficiency and intuitive design. They’re built to be fully customisable, but most importantly, make a positive impact in reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

Sustainability and Values
We strive to create a more sustainable world and work closely with industry to champion the transition to sustainable transport. We work with and support not-for-profits and organisations aligned with our values such as WWF, Conservation Council, Sustainable Salons, 1 Million Women and AEVA (Australian Electric Vehicle Assoc).

We practice ethical waste management to ensure waste material is diverted from landfills to recycling plants. This includes disassembling components to recycle rare earth materials (e.g. copper wiring from electric motors). FONZ Powerpacks are disassembled and battery cells are donated to be utilised in second life applications. FONZ minimises usage of packing material and reuses supplier packing material to protect during freight and extend usage.

We aim for transparency and believe as a company we can be a positive force for change to build respect and dignity within our team and community.

We are privileged to be headquartered within Redfern, a culturally rich and diverse place with strong community ties.

The Gadigal People of the Eora Nation are the traditional custodians of the land on which we are now located. We pay our respects to Indigenous Elders, past, present and emerging and dream of a shared future together.

Visit the FONZ Knowledge Centre to learn more or ask questions

Meet the team

Michelle Nazari CEO


Michelle had an idea during a motorcycle trip in Colombia in 2010. Within months of her return, Fonzarelli was born.  Michelle is a Climate Council ambassador and multi award-winning Automotive Product Designer. Execution, persistence and passion are her key qualities.  Her hands-on approach in the product design and build process and her attention to detail in  each area of the Fonz process drives the success of the brand. Michelle dreams of entering & completing the Dakar Rally.

Jules Fonzarellu


Jules has been key to the growth and success of FONZ, leading the design and product development of our Award-Winning X1 Model from 2017 and NKD series in 2019.

An adrenalin junkie, Jules is a passionate motorcycle enthusiast and can be found racing track, off-road or anything on two wheels in his down time.


Tim 'from Berlin' Arndt moved to Sydney in 2017 and joined Fonz first in our owner community within three weeks of landing in Aus. A few years later he became a member of team FONZ to drive the transition of sustainable transport.

With a Master in Industrial Engineering & Management, Tim brings his passion for  sustainability and creating change to help drive the electrification of Australian roads.


Asheleigh takes care of Fonz's operations & is the power-behind-the-throne here at Team FONZ. She's enjoyed an international career, and is happy exploring Sydney, her new home.


Shenny is FONZ's Master Industrial Designer who was integral to NKDs design award success. When she isn't playing a key role in the design of our new models she'll be found taking beautiful photographs around Sydney, sketching in her notepads or riding her hot pink moto.

WE ARE HIRING - M/Cycle Mechanic Apprentice

We're on the hunt for a mechanically minded person with a can do attitude.

Daily tasks include prepare vehicles for delivery, service, maintenance, detailing, delivery & maintaining a tidy workshop.

As you gain experience you will work with  electric motors and built electric motorcycles and conversions. Travel may be required.

Team FONZ embraces diversity & encourage applicants from all different backgrounds, ages and experience levels to apply.