Media review: Fonzarelli NKD Electric Motorcycle

June 30, 2020

Second Opinion – Jack Maguire
Fonzarelli’s NKD is an interesting looking bike to say the least, and it’s a little bit hard to find a category for it. It’s about the size of a Kawasaki Z125 Pro, with futuristic looks and a weight lighter than most ICE motorcycles. It’s bizarre but I’ll tell you right now – it’s wicked fun.
I’ve never experienced anything like pulling the throttle on Fonzarelli’s NKD. That instant torque coming from the electric motor is something else, and the sound is amazing and refreshing. The NKD is no joke, and it’ll get up and go no problems. You might even find yourself embarrassing some performance cars and middleweight bikes at the traffic light GP.
I can see this bike years from now becoming a classic because this thing is a big step into the future – highlighted by the very progressive looks and green powerplant, and it’s just a bonus that it’s coming from an Aussie company! This thing is a seriously fun bike, and while current battery technology doesn’t allow for a wide range of use, it’s on the incline and only getting better!
My only complaint of the NKD are it’s weird ergonomics, with two sets of footpegs that just don’t feel right with my feet on either of them.
Other than that, it’s a fun little package with good performance that could see the NKD be the future of the city runabout – it’s best to watch this space and see what happens.
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By Jeff Ware from Bike Review

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