Community Stories: Quiet scooter, big love

May 21, 2024

Late 2023 saw a new addition to Donna & Tora’s riding story, with the arrival of their performance model.

More and more households are downsizing from 2 cars to 1 - or one-to-none in Donna and Tora’s case - being part of this trend, they used to own a car but prefer riding their FONZ for just about all travel.

“Commuting to and from the city, getting our weekly groceries at the farmer’s market, going out for dinner and just zipping around our suburb… so now we just hire a car as needed.”  

“We actually used to argue about who had to take the car if we both needed a vehicle, as we both wanted to ride our FONZ!”

Both Donna and her partner have motorbike licences so they ride solo, but also ride pillion several times a week. 

“The new Arthur 6 is much more comfortable when pillion compared to earlier models - both smoothness on the road and also the leather seat upgrade was a great decision we made.” she says

Donna previously had a petrol scooter and was on her way to purchase a new one, having lived abroad, when she stumbled across Fonz Moto and her electric scooter journey began. Now on their third Fonz, they haven’t looked back.

“We loved the whole package of the company philosophy and its bikes: stylish scooters, environmentally friendly, genuine & helpful customer service, and also having a female founder in Michelle.”

We’re lucky to have a garage to recharge our FONZ, so have set up our powerpack so we can just ride in and plug it in. It’s great to have the increase in range with each new model - the range is probably the biggest difference we’ve seen since our first FONZ and it’s a really good improvement. 

We’ve had our Arthur 6 for less than a month but are absolutely loving it. The new ‘go fast’ stripe on the side is very cool and adds to the FONZ style: several passers-by have commented on how it looks already. It’s definitely smoother to accelerate than our Arthur 3 and just have a bit more ‘oomph’ overall. It’s also whisper quiet now, so lovely when you’re riding with no traffic around. 

“We are probably two of FONZ’s greatest fans, really couldn’t recommend them enough. And they’ve kept their friendly, welcoming service despite the obvious success since our first FONZ ride."

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