NKD: New Electric Dual Sport Motorbike

August 30, 2019

Australia-Based Fonzarelli Launches New Electric Dual Sport Motorbike

If you grew up in the US, you might picture a motorcycle when you hear the name ‘Fonzarelli’—but it’s probably a classic Triumph, not an ultra-modern electric bike. Those who have been following electric two-wheeler developments on a global scale have likely seen earlier scooters from New South Wales, Australia-based company. Up until now, it’s released three scooters: the FZ, the S1, and the X1.

Good news, dual sport fans: Fonzarelli has just launched its first electric motorcycle, and it is, in fact. a dual sport model. Called the NKD, it is indeed the new kid on the block—but that just means we’re all the more likely to take notice. Company founder Michelle Nazzari formally launched the NKD at business partner Simon Modra’s Motorcycle Society cafe in Adelaide on Thursday, August 29, 2019.

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The NKD features a range of up to 120km on a single charge (or about 74 miles). It also offers a top speed of 100kmh (or about 62mph). Modra collaborated on the NKD’s design, and also convinced Nazzari to manufacture the bike in South Australia—a region which has a long history of automotive manufacturing in the country, according to manufacturing industry publication the Lead.

According to Modra, “It’s a legitimate form of transport— there are many motorcyclists out there who don’t have a car and we’re lucky battery power has become so reliable now.” He said that Design Institute of Australia chapter president Peter Coombs places credit for these battery advances at Tesla’s door.

In any case, both the NKDs and charging stations to build up the necessary infrastructure around Oz will both be built in South Australia. Currently, the company plans to work on building a solid base at home before expanding around the globe—but Nazzari said there’s definite interest from outside the country.

If you’re in Australia, the NKD is made to order— and the cost starts at AUD $9,990 (or about US $6,717). It’s unclear how or if that price will transfer outside the country, if and when the country expands its offerings globally.

Gold Coast Bulletin writer Mark Boxer got to take the NKD for a test ride, and you can see video of his run here. The bike does certainly look light, nimble, small, and very commuter-friendly.

Sources: The Lead, Gold Coast Bulletin, Fonzarelli

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