NKD takes out the 2020 Best Exterior Design Award – Good Design Awards

August 9, 2020

A birthday ‘Best in Class’

NKD takes out the 2020 Best Exterior Design Award and Gold in the Good Design Awards for Australia's first Production Electric Motorcycle

The Fonzarelli NKD, Australia’s first electric motorbike, is celebrating its 1st birthday with a GOLD in the Good Design Awards’ Automotive - Best Exterior category.


The annual Good Design Awards is Australia’s most prestigious international Awards for design and innovation, spans multiple industries and aims to reward emerging areas of design strategy, social impact and design entrepreneurship. The 2020 Good Design Awards attracted a record number of submissions with an astonishing 835 design projects evaluated in this year’s international design awards.


Fonzarelli founder, Michelle Nazzari, says she is beyond proud to have the NKD named as having the most outstanding exterior of any automotive entry.  


“When we launched Australia’s first electric motorcycle last year, we knew the NKD – in addition to its environmental and performance credentials – had to deliver an electrifying aesthetic.


“From stuntmen to old school riders, we’ve enjoyed a host of great feedback on our ‘street-legal beast’. But to be recognised as delivering the year’s most impressive exterior across the entire automotive category is an incredible endorsement.


“We love the look of the NKD, and we’re honoured those with the most discerning design eye love it too. In past years we’ve seen Tesla and Lexus win this category. We feel we’re in excellent company.”


The Good Design Awards Jury praised the Fonzarelli NKD for its delivery on both innovation and design:

“The Fonzarelli DesignTeam have researched the market, user and business needs and have developed the NKD in order to appeal to broad global audience.The styling of the NKD ticks the box and scores big for developing a solution that targets global emerging trends. NKD answered the need to move towards greener and more sustainable mobility solutions. The use of recyclable materials and ability to tap into renewable energy adds to the positive environmental messaging of the brand and product.


“In a world where everyone is looking for individuality, the NKD can be customised and personalised to suit individual taste. The ‘meccano’ styling has that retro handmade feel about it, reinforcing that custom appeal. It doesn’t appear like a mass-produced product, giving it a sense of uniqueness and intrigue. The jury loves how the retro custom styling is in complete contrast to the technology and powertrain that sits within. It’s very cool. 0-100 in 3.9 sec… WOW!

“The fact that the NKD can claim this world leading performance number yet deliver range, speaks to the technical challenges that the team has overcome through the development of theNKD. There are lower power options for the more conservative rider. The smaller wheels and lower centre of gravity helps with the safety of the bike and enables the NKD to be ridden safely in several different terrains.


“Overall, the NKD is a cool step towards the shift to more environmentally friendly mobility solutions. Low running costs, high performance, range, customisation, safety, low service costs, the use of recyclable materials all add to a well thought out solution.The Jury really liked last year's Fonzarelli entry and it's great to see some issues addressed in the NKD such as the charging area and access, Lithium battery, option of charging at stations as well as portable charger options and the move from moped to motorbike is super cool.


“Really quick, light and obviously capitalising on e-bike advantages here. It's a sweet take on the real e-bike.The Fonzarelli NKD is a great looking mini-bike that oozes personality. Its eye-catching design is a key part of its appeal but it backs this up with a strong technical package that promises good performance and range, depending on the variant. The fact it is electric will appeal to its predominantly inner-city urban market. The customisation potential and range of available options are attractive and well thought out.”


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