NKD Customer Story from the ACT

July 30, 2022

Jenna and Patrick's NKDs interview - making the complete EV commitment!

Post-doctorates Jenna and Patrick hold firm scientific views on sustainability and energy usage – but they’ve recently gathered a new set of evidence, which has taught them being green is also very bloody cool. Browsing for an e-bike as an alternative to a second car, they stumbled across a ‘cute looking scooter’ that seemed within the budget. Following the Arthur scooter to FONZ Moto’s website they quickly fell in love with the NKD motorcycle – Australia’s first electric motorcycle launched in 2019.


“At first we were just wowed by the design.The NKD just looked so awesome and then we saw the price. We became extremely excited and it was at that moment we decided to get our motorcycle licences,” says Patrick. “An e-bike would have been a nice complement to our electric car, an MG ZS, but once we saw the aesthetic and imagined the fun we could have on the NKD… it was a game changer."


“While we were doing our ‘research’ I was chatting to a guy I know in construction whose girlfriend had bought one. He’d fallen in love with it due to the instant power and that he found the size agreeable and had kind of taken it off her hands! That pretty much sold me. Of course, we love the outdoors and getting out and about. And anything that can reduce carbon emissions also appeals to us. So, the day we got our learners licences we bought two!” says Jenna.


Patrick and Jenna bought NKDs models with 8.6 kW motors and Pirelli tyres. “He’s got an army green one and mine’s black and we’ve installed tech into our helmets – which was really easy – so that we can chat to each other. The bikes are silent so there’s no problem hearing each other and it’s a fun way to be able to communicate when we’re on the road.” says Jenna

“We love that we have the power to be able to travel on the motorway and with a 100km range we’re not worried about running out of power. We’ll head down to Murrumbidgee River for a day trip,” says Patrick. “The battery is easily lifted out of the bike and carried upstairs to our apartment. We’re using our car less and we definitely don’t need a second car,” adds Jenna. Both Patrick and Jenna get approached by people regularly commenting on the NKDs.


“Most people come over to us because they look so good. Some don’t even realise they’re electric till we point it out. They then of course ask about range and speed and power and are both surprised and encouraged by our experience,” says Patrick.


“I still can’t believe something of this quality can be made in Australia at this price point. Having a local FONZ dealer, Motorini, that can help us with any servicing or issues was another reason we wanted to buy Australian-made." says Jenna


“Someone actually tried to ‘hot-wire’ our bikes and pulled out the ignition. Good news – you can’t hot wire an EV. But Motorini had us sorted straight away. I don’t know if the experience would be in the same if it was an overseas model.” Jenna says being a woman working in a science field, she was also a massive fan that Michelle Nazzari was the founder and CEO of FONZ. “It’s something we are both excited about and proud to support. We’ve watched Michelle’s journey on YouTube and we’re looking forward to saying ‘hi’ at the AEVA Expo in Canberra next month.”

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