“Huzzah!” FONZ electric scooters can now claim stamp duty rebates

July 5, 2022

No more stamp duty for FONZ in NSW! "Huzzah!"

Australian electric motorbike and scooter maker FONZ Moto has won a welcome reprieve for its customers after being told by the NSW government that its Arthur electric scooters now qualify for the stamp duty rebate.

Even better, anyone who has bought an Arthur, or a similar electric scooter, since last September when the incentive came into place, is eligible for that rebate. The reprieve came just weeks after The Driven wrote a story about the surprise exclusion of the Arthur electric scooter, on the rather spurious basis that it was classified as a moped, rather than an electric motorcycle. See: You calling me a moped? Fonz electric scooters shut out from EV incentives

FONZ founder, Arthur designer and Happy Days fan Michelle Nazzari says the stamp duty rebate now applies to all “road-worthy” electric scooter with more than 50cc worth of power. “We’re letting our customers know this afternoon and actually including a link to your article on The Driven about the issue,” the company told The Driven. “Thanks ever so much for your support.”

In a letter to customers, FONZ said the rejection of FONZ scooters “made no sense”, and it has been lobbying the government to change its mind since last October.

“We are thrilled to say that we were notified on 30 June 2022 that the NSW Treasury has overturned the decision and will be contacting our FONZ Arthur electric scooter owners to advise of the change,” the company wrote.

“It took some time, but we think this is a great outcome and awesome example of government and industry working together to get a positive outcome. Huzzah!”

You can find the full article on The Driven via the link below:


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