How many cars does your household really need?

May 26, 2023

The average cost to run a car in Australia - covering repayments, fuel, registration, servicing, etc is around $16,000. As detailed in the Canstar new car and running costs pricing guide here And that’s before car parking is taken into consideration. Fuel is only going to push that up... Do we really need 2nd cars in households??

Bicycles, while economical, are not that work-attire friendly and don't carry much - they can't really take anyone or anything with you... and they're the least robust modes of transport on our roads.  PT commuter fares in major cities now cost up to $50 on weekly passes - or $2,600 p/a - unless you can afford a $1,600 annual pass up front.  

But if neither push bikes or PT suit a person who may currently be using a 2nd, Co2 emitting vehicle in their household... another option into the mix that can provide more flexibility and less germ exposure than PT, and more pillion, cargo-carrying capability and automatic speed than a bicycle...  An electric-motorbike or electric road-scooter just could be the most affordable commute...

If you ride an electric motorbike or road-scooter your commute costs an average of $1p/w in electricity for charging. With annual costs of approx $175 to service, $200 for registration, and around $150 for compulsory third party insurance,the total cost to run a two-wheel EV over a year is a mere $577. One fifth of using PT. 

But what about the cost of the vehicle?  From a financial outlay perspective, theFONZ Arthur model starts at $3,990  But what about the cost of the vehicle?  From a financial outlay perspective, the FONZ Arthur model starts at $4,990. 

You can finance one from around $39 per week for 36 months - so less than PT!

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