FONZ provides 'Green Sponsorship' to Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival

August 24, 2022

FONZ Official Partner of the Sydney Marathon!

FONZ (the Australian electric motorbike maker formerly known as Fonzarelli) is proud to be a sponsor of the 2022 Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival.

Not only will FONZ provide an emission-free fleet of Arthur 2 scooters for road escort during the Run, and an incentive prize of an Arthur EV for those who chose to raise funds for charity, it’s helping the Festival reduce its carbon footprint – an important consideration for all credible event managers.

FONZ Founder and CEO, Michelle Nazzari, says Australia has been famously behind on its emissions policy compared to other developed nations and it’s great to partner with an event that is aspiring to the global standard. “We’re happy to know those out there running in the fresh air and raising funds for their favourite charity will be enjoying the unique experience of running over the Sydney Harbour Bridge with our support. We also pleased to be part of the Festival’s intentional reduction of carbon emissions across its event. This is exactly the type of organisation FONZ is proud to partner with.”

Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival, General Manager, Nicola Bentley, says with the Blackmores Sydney Marathon recently being named as an Abbott World Marathon Majors Candidate Race – meaning it could become a marquee running event alongside the famed Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York City marathons – the event must strive to meet the world’s expectations around sustainability practices.

“We’re incredibly grateful to all partners and sponsors and are excited by the unique benefits from our FONZ partnership, which enables us to improve the operations of our much-loved Festival and further its ambitions on a global scale.”

The Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival takes place on 18th September and comprises four events including the Blackmore's marathon, Blackmore's Half Marathon, Blackmore's Bridge Run and Blackmore's Family Fun Run. The Festival is aiming to raise more than $1M to benefit 187 charity partners of participants, with one lucky fundraising runner winning their own Arthur 2 electric scooter for many rides into the future!

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