NKD | Urban Assault Vehicle

July 22, 2021

There's no denying that NKD is not for everyone. This divisive beast is turning heads wherever it goes. With models now from Darwin to Tassie, we are proud to have NKD Owners in each state & Territory of Australia.

The rollout of NKD has been a challenging one in COVID times but the bike is a huge success with our early adopters. Our NKD owners are loving their bikes and we want to give more Australians access to try out the first Australian made electric motorcycle across Australia.

My NKD is the perfect Urban Assault vehicle!

Former Australian racing car driver, Adam Kaplan says his NKD is the perfect urban assault vehicle for Noosa.

"The power delivery makes my pillion and I laugh every time we give it a squirt, and it’s sure footed and stable to ride and I love overtaking unsuspecting vehicles uphill with 2 up" he says

Kaplan's spec'd his NKD+ with NKDs integrated surf rack system and carbon fibre body kit.

We are expanding and our primary focus is our local market to give Australians the chance to buy an innovative electric motorcycle - made in Australia. If you want to try the NKD register your interest.

Checkout the NKD in action

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