November 9, 2021

With 2022 already touted the year of ‘freedom to roam’, FONZ’s ARTHUR 2 has supercharged itself with bigger powerpacks and tech upgrades* for longer leisure rides!


FONZ (the Australian electric motorbike maker formerly known as Fonzarelli) has literally gone the distance with the all-new 2022 edition of its most popular electric scooter, ARTHUR 2, delivering a game-changing enhancement of 30% more range in its powerpack.


The ARTHUR 2 also comes with the option of carrying dual powerpacks onboard to instantly double the range to 130 kilometres. Furthermore, FONZ has expanded its technical capabilities to offer an adaptor option that enables riders to use public EV charging stations – typically configured for cars.


FONZ Founder, Michelle Nazzari, is as committed to providing her riders the best EV experience as she is producing top-notch bikes.


“Reducing the range anxiety with more battery grunt and multiple charging options allows our riders to increase their travelling distance well beyond a commute, allowing ARTHUR – our most popular seller – to step up as their chief vehicle for longer, leisurely trips.

“They can double up their battery power, charge on the growing EV network and still have the option to remove the Powerpack and charge indoors as they travel extensively to different destinations.”


“There’s a lot of investment going into the charging infrastructure works for EV cars, so we always knew we had to develop our own adaptors to ensure our riders didn’t get left behind.”


FONZ’s ARTHUR 2 and brother vehicles, including its OG scooter, the FONZ X1, and Australia’s first electric motorbike, the NKD, all use a household compatible charging port, which can be plugged into any standard 240V.


“Now you can also option Type 2 charge port used by most EV cars in Australia. The new tech option will enable them to easily tap into new and existing charging stations popping up all over the country."


FONZ currently has a special offer on all new ARTHUR 2s bought before the 30th November 2021, providing them with a FREE performance and charger upgrade worth $520.


“This is an important offering for new customers but we also want our existing owners to know that the tech we’re developing can be added to their vehicle too, and they can contact us to book an upgrade if they want to invest in the extra charging capability.  


“For an environmentally conscious vehicle, it makes sense to upgrade the parts and the tech – not the whole vehicle. After all, we’re all about making things last and work harder for us and for our environment.”


Nazzari also adds it has been great to see both NSW and the ACT abolished stamp duty for electric motorcycles and electric scooters this year. “While we know all States and Territories operate slightly differently, it’s encouraging to see growing support for two-wheeled EVs.”


Pre-orders are now available for the 2022 Edition ARTHUR 2 for delivery before Christmas and existing owners need to only contact head office to discuss the costs of upgrading the charging port in their existing FONZ ride.  


Bronte local, Tora Cullip, has recently made the shift to buying an ARTHUR2, which is positioned a more affordable option alongside FONZ’s original spec'ed up, design-award winning X1 scooter, but is actually a ‘roomier’ experience for two.


“This is our second FONZ scooter and we love ‘Paxel’ (it’s pet name) even more than our first one! The extra battery life is fantastic and we can ride freely around the city without worrying about a recharge."


“It has a huge amount of street cred. We’re constantly being asked about it, including while we’re waiting at traffic lights – which is of course no problem as our motor is silent. And it’s a very comfortable, safe and fun ride for two. We couldn’t be happier and the new charging options – extra battery and ungraded charging port technology make it even easier to use.”


See more at: fonzmoto.com    ARTHUR 2 in action: ARTHUR 2 on the streets  


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