Design elements: The Making of Fonzarelli’s NKD Electric Bike

May 30, 2020

Design elements: The Making of Fonzarelli’s NKD ElectricBike 

Performance, form and functionality are critical factors when it comes to the success of a bike. But let’s face it, when comparing similar products, a clever design can win you over. That’s why Fonzarelli poured everything into the new NKD to combine a stripped-back ride with sophisticated urban commuter. So where did the ideas come from and what makes the NKD stand out?

In this blog we discuss the design process, key design elements and why the launch of the NKD into the electric bike market was so successful.

Delivering on sustainability

One of the major draw cards of the NKD is its ability to perform to a high standard and remain sustainable. The use of recycled materials to create the body of the bike highlights Fonzarelli’s core value. Sustainability.The body kit forms one of the key aspects of the design and the ability to use recycled plastic takes that extra step to reducing the carbon footprint.

The NKD also comes with an optional carbon body which means a lighter, more efficient bike with a futuristic finish. Although it doesn’t tick the box in the way of furthering the use of recycled materials, it’s a lightweight design feature that optimises power and performance.

NKD electric motorbike design elements

The water resistant ‘tank’ bag

The tank bag optional extra is central to streamlined commuting. Whether you’re storing your laptop, trainers and gym gear, this nifty bag secures in front of the saddle seat for a safe and convenient commute. With across body strap, made with a water-resistant finish, the tank bag not only looks the goods, it sits perfectly snug on your electric bike for a comfortable ride.

Storage, storage, storage! That’s what the community asked for, and that’s what they got. For those busy days, pop the saddle seat with a push of a button to give you easy access to extra storage.

The Alcantara saddle

Fonzarelli Designer, Wenley Andrews, created the ‘Alcantara saddle’ as a custom edition saddle that was reserved for early adopters. It takes inspiration from the Lamborghini, combining its internal finishes with café racer style.

The single rider

The NKD is designed for a single rider. Why? Because we know that off-road riding is a one-person show. But that doesn’t mean you can’t comfortably carry a pillion passenger for your urban commute. The bike cleverly incorporates this into the design with two sets of foot pegs that can be altered when you’re not carrying a passenger.

Choose your riding position. The front foot pegs are for cruising, the rear pegs are for cornering, faster riding and off-road use.

Why have remote control ignition for your electric moto?

We’ve designed the ignition for simple and easy way to get going. Start your NKD from up to 2 metres away with a remote button control. No key required. The wheels, when not in use, are electronically locked and will not mobilise. It’s a clever electric bike safety feature not found on petrol bikes.

Why design a mini moto style electric bike?

It makes for a versatile bike, on-and off-road. Short wheelbase bikes have a wheelbase of 1199mm and yet the NKD wheelbase is 1355mm, making it a large-format version of the small-format bikes.

But designing such a compact bike does come with obstacles. Trying to fit so much into such a compact bike causes design challenges like accessibility to the power pack and storage. That’s why Fonzarelli spent so much time, energy and design back-and-forth trying to perfectly slot all the extras into the NKD. And guess what? It worked.

The NKD is a spacious bike that has a glove compartment for quick access to your phone or wallet, as well as under saddle storage, with the optional tank bag to fit all you need for a weekend away.

So, how do you come up with a mini moto design?

The key was to find a minimalist design, playing into the rise of popular custom motorcycle culture. With Meccano characteristics, we enable and encourage Fonzarelli customers to personalise their vehicle.

It took 8 months to get the bike to a V1.0 level, launching in August2019, and another 6 months to refine it to V2.0 release.

We took onboard feedback and have now completed NKD 2.0beefier. In the 2.0 limited release model you can choose from the digital camo and the NKD camo design - a nod to the outdoor tech.

But it wasn’t without setbacks. Getting the geometry perfect for on- and off- road riding took time, especially when the design had to accommodate the technology. NKD has pushed technology to the absolute limit with the range of performance options available for this electric bike. It has a high output with a touch of sophistication, a touch of adventure.

Fonzarelli NKD electric bike

If you’re interested in testing the NKD, X1 or Arthur, feel free to contact our team at the Fonzarelli HQ on (02) 8520 3905 to organise a test ride. We have test rides conveniently available Australia-wide so you can ride a Fonzarelli sooner.

The Fonzarelli NKD

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