Celebrating our fearless FONZ Women: Kate K

March 8, 2023

Kate K

NKD rider Assistant Director at Australian Government Department of Health

We often see on social media, movies and TV how a perfect woman looks like. However, we know that a woman’s essence is on what makes her unique, in what some might even call an imperfection.

What can women like you achieve?

Whatever I set my mind to achieve. From helping at a swimming carnival as a parent, to meeting with local MLAs to gather support for our school, to teaching CEOs and companies about therapeutic goods legislation, to building garden beds in my yard and cuddling my children and chickens, to hiking for 2 months in a country I don't speak the language of but getting by and making friends regardless, I can do anything.

How do you feel about acknowledging that women should be perfectly imperfect? What is your uniqueness?

My body is perfect for me. I have a lot of energy and like to be in the thick of it which works for me. Simultaneously I was the President of a non for profit business, on the School Board and P&C at my kids school, petitioning to the legislative assembly, raising two beautiful kids, working full time as an executive, and still seeing friends and getting exercise, sometimes. My values and energy might stream from my diverse experiences, such as having traveled Africa and South America in my 20s with my now husband, hiking any hill in my vicinity for the view from the top, and trying any local food I could get my hands on. I have since had two beautiful children but have been pregnant 9 times and talk to women regularly about loss and the hard times. My body is perfect for me, pains, wobbles, spots and scars included. All people need to embrace the body they have because it is amazing. There is no normal to attain, only comfort in your skin. For me weight loss is only to attain fewer pains, and to keep up with myself and my kids, but I'll never be a size 12, and that is totally fine.

How do you inspire other women?

Within my realm of influence, I have helped change policies so new dads can access paid parental leave in the workplace, and encourage more dads to take extended leave to care full time for their kids because they will never regret the relationship they will have with their kids, nor the deeper understanding they will have about the joys and trials of stay at home duties. I lived this when my husband took over when I went back to full time work when our first born was 6 months old, then again with our second. Leveling the field here is one way to get more men to see the value of the women in their lives and the value of their own role in the family dynamic. I am not less as a women because I don't care full time for my kids. It's my choice, it's suits our family, and it inspires men and women alike to do the same.

I encourage people every day to set boundaries for themselves at home and at work, and to know what they can do and see what they want and be courageous to go and do it. This often comes with a mantra that they need to lean into the discomfort in order to learn faster, and that they will either win or learn from every experience. Be vulnerable, be yourself, be brave, make mistakes, be honest, and then thrive. I raise my kids with the same philosophy. Making strong resilient kids will hopefully make for happy adults.

What makes you you?

I'm a 6ft tall vibrant, bubbly, friendly, creative, energetic person and I love a bright lip stick. I loved the day I discovered alcohol based lippy as it lasts all day and doesn't come off on anything so I can wear it now. I have people who see me riding my silent NKD and come to chat about it. 'What is it?' I love the simple smile that comes with them seeing it's a lady when I take off my helmet. The bright lipstick surprises people. I also love the reactions when I get off, fling my dress out from under my jacket, pull off my boots and bike pants, put on my shoes, then walk away looking like I don't ride at all. I also love how kid's friends think I'm so cool because I ride. But I've been riding since I was a child and it's my natural turf. Much of what I have written here makes me me.

What made you think of switching and to ride electric?

I stopped riding my last motorcycle (a BMW 1100RT, 350kg) when I was 26 weeks pregnant with my first born, because I couldn't do up my jacket anymore and it seemed the responsible choice. I sold my bike and bought a car. 5 years and a funny story later we were in need of a second transport option when our second car died. Hubby asked if I wanted to get another motorcycle. I'd been dreaming of an electric vehicle for years by then but we couldn't yet afford a Tesla. That's when I found Fonz and put down my deposit on the NKD in April 2020. 3 years on, the NKD is my commute vehicle, saving petrol, time and parking fees, and we now do have a Tesla 3 so we are a completely EV family. Hubby finally got his motorcycle license this year so one car one bike is doable. The person with the car has the kids.

What do you aspire or dream to achieve with your NKD?

Wouldn't it be great to go on a longer ride with battery technology being so much better?! A ride to the coast isn't something I can do anymore, not that I have that much time for it though. But it is a dream! 

Mostly I aspire to finally get the black panels painted or wrapped with a unique image, something I've been intending on doing since I got it. I have just prioritized other things. One day I will do it.

Let us know!