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Electric, like you

At FONZ, we’re on a mission to change the way you get from A to B. Lightning acceleration. Zero emission. We’ve built a range of electric two-wheel machines to suit any rider, whether you’re looking for an easy commute or an adrenalin rush, we have the bike for you. We’re Australian riders, innovators and builders. So, why not be a part of the future? Join the FONZ community.

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We're electric, which means we’ll build your FONZ for an optimised and customised performance.
Your bike. Your ride.



Our designers are multi award-winning and cutting edge. With endless design options, you can create your own bespoke bike tailored to you.

The Fonzarelli Culture

Our culture

We began this movement over a decade ago to create an innovative, sustainable and fun way to travel on Australian roads.

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Fully Customisablez

FullY Customisable

Customise the design and performance specs to suit you

Responsive Torque

Responsive Torque

Powers effortlessly off the mark for the ultimate ride

Forza upgrade speed


Performance options to keep you ahead on the road

Lightweight icon


Lightweight frame to
maximise range

Reverse mode

Reverse Mode

Be in control of your bike at any angle

Regenerative braking

Regenerative Braking

Extend range by returning kinetic energy to the Powerpack

Charge anywhere

Charge Anywhere

Choose where you charge to suit your lifestyle



Low centre-of-gravity to grip you to the road

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